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Have you wasted time searching through the sea of tutorials online? This approach leaves your education incomplete & fragmented. In our live classroom, you’ll work directly with an expert and have your questions answered in real time, all while gaining a holistic understanding of the music production process.
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We Offer a Wide Range of Courses for Everyone


Experienced Producers


Professional Musicians


Ableton Live
Private Lessons

Alden Groves

Private Lessons

Stefon Taylor

Mixing & Mastering
Recording Arts Program

Virtual Riot

Advanced Electronic Music Production
Ableton Live
Sound Design


Ableton Live
Online Mixing & Mastering


Genre Course: Bass Music

Meet Your Instructors

Slam Academy instructors are industry-leading professional music producers, DJs, and educators. Whether they are teaching a class or an online lab, they are kind, approachable, and excited to help you take your music to the next level.
Your Free Content Includes

Free Essentials of Music Production Course

Week 1

Learn the rules of BPM, Key, Genres, and Voicing.

Week 2

Build your beats and sequences with MIDI, Audio, Comping, and Editing.

Week 3

Customize your sound with the elements of Drums, Synthesis, Samplers, & Audio Effects. Plus, learn to create professional sounding arrangements.

Become A Professional Producer

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Imagine being able to make the music in your head, navigating software with ease and utilizing the latest technology. Let us demystify these tools and unlock your creativity. We provide a classroom experience that is fun, supportive and encourages you to find your own voice.
Slam Academy Graduates

Hear From The Alumni


Watch Kamerum expressing his musical journey from K-Pop & Afrocuban music to finding his home at Slam Academy.

Katie (K80)

K80 talks about her experience not even knowing how to open the program all the way to making her first tracks.

Jacob Butler

Check out student Jacob Butler talking about his experience in the Ableton Program, and his “Break-through A-Ha” moment.

Learn to Create the Music you Love

What Comes After your Free Classes

Membership Programs

Don’t waste your time piecemealing your audio education together with endless searching online. We did the hard work for you!



Per Student /Monthly
Online Video Courses



Per Student /Monthly
Includes everything in the community membership.
Interactive Online Courses



Per Student /Monthly
Includes everything in our online membership, plus these additional classes and resources at our Minneapolis campus.

A Program for Every Creator

Become a Member at Slam Academy and take the next step in your creative journey.

Ableton Live

Join Ableton Certified Trainers & learn the world’s leading production platform.

Mixing & Mastering

Take your tracks from good to great in this course taught by our award-winning instructors.

Music Industry

Learn everything you need to know to turn your music maker into your money maker.

Sound Design

Create your own sounds & find your voice using the best tools & techniques available today.

Recording Arts

Master the art & science of audio recording for the laptop-producer’s generation.

Music Production

Start from square one with this intro class that will help you hit the ground running.

Music Theory

Take the mystery out of the MIDI grid by mastering harmony, melody, and form.

DJ Program

Beat-matching with vinyl records, learn to navigate DJ software & combine these two worlds with CDJs.

Genre Specific

Art of the Remix, Bass Music, House & Techno, Live Performance & much more.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Music Career?

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